book by Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott
Ogunquit Playhouse (Ogunquit, ME) and Gateway Playhouse (Bellport, NY)

...Mitch Poulos makes a charming Bob. — Kristen Weyer, NY Theatre Guide

Cynthia is married to Bob (an endearingly warm Mitch Poulos), a mechanic who rescues our traveling trio after their bus breaks down and joins them for the last part of their expedition. He is part of the show’s daffy curtain-call finale (underlined by the song “Finally”), in which old costumes and new ones — watch for Mr. Poulos as a kangaroo — flood the stage. — Aileen Jacobson, The New York Times

...Bob the mechanic, endearingly portrayed by Mitch Poulos. — April Boyle, Maine Today
by Arthur Miller
Theatre Raleigh at The Kennedy Theatre, Raleigh, NC

...Joe Keller, played with dynamic range and strength by Mitch Poulos, who again makes it very easy to sympathize with a character that could otherwise been viewed as corrupt. I would pay good money to see Poulos' interpretation of Willy Loman. — Dustin K. Britt, The Triangle Arts and Entertainment

...Mitch Poulos fully embodies Joe's initial cockiness and later desperation, attempting to justify his actions. — Roy C. Dicks, The News & Observer
by Keith Huff
The Fulton Theatre, Lancaster, PA

...If Joey, Mitch Poulos, in his rumpled suit, reminds you of Jerry Orbach in LAW AND ORDER, or if his acting style makes you think of Alec Baldwin, that's fine. — Marakay Rogers,

...Mitch Poulos is unforgettable. — David N. Dunkle, Penn Live
book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop and music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
The Forestburgh Playhouse, Forestburgh, NY

Mitch Poulos (Joe Boyd) has the task of bringing what could be considered a “thankless role” to life in his brief time on stage, but his beautiful voice and fine acting makes his short stop on stage shine. — The River Reporter

...…the story centers on a middle-aged real estate broker, Joe Boyd (a soulful, Mitch Poulos). — The Catskill Chronicle
by Pedro Suarez

Tori Davis and Mitch Poulos are fantastic as this couple absolutely shattered by the loss of their child...This provides some horrific and uneasy tension, especially due to Mitch Poulos' top notch performance as this desperate man who knows his wife is commiting a horrible crime, but can barely muster up enough courage to break her delusions for a happy life at the cost of someone else's. SHOPPING is not a film filled with easy decisions and a pleasant moral, it's a sad and tragic little short and one that I adored. — Feliz Vasquez, Jr. at
by Richard Christian
The Hudson Theatre, Los Angeles

Honorable Mention Performance AwardBack Stage West Garland Awards

Mitch Poulos turns in such an entertaining performance that he almost steals the show.WAVE Newspaper exemplified in Poulos' masterful performance as Beau; he effortlessly shifts between a comically mincing overgrown child and an emotionally devastated adult...Poulos and Holden are mesmerizing.Backstage West "Critic's Pick"

Mitch Poulos distincly layers his portrayl of Beau Boulanger with wit, and grace, closely resembling Williams' character...Both Hammill and Poulos create believably complex and authentic Southern characters, a difficuult task amidst the history of shallow, Southern stereotypes normally produced on L.A. stages.Drama-Logue "Critic's Choice"

...Mitch Poulos'
wonderfully honest and sensitive performance. — Buzz Weekly
by John Doble
The Mazer Theatre (New York Fringe Festival)

"Two of the best performances come from...Mitch Poulos as the Noo Joisey Tony Soprano type.
The New York Times

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