Shooting Blanks
A family on the edge of destruction meets its enemy – themselves!

Shooting Blanks, by Mitch Poulos, is a 6-character, 1-set, 2-act play that takes place in Miami, Florida during a hurricane. Nicholas Callelis, at a defining moment in his life, comes home to attend the one-year anniversary of his father's death. Shooting Blanks is a comical yet painful look at a dysfunctional Greek-American family as they reevaluate and attempt to salvage their relationships. © Mitch Poulos 1995

Gender Mercies Logo

Another look at sexuality, self worth, principles, morals, and everything we basically regard as "normal".

Gender Mercies, by Mitch Poulos, is a 6-character, 1-set, 2-act, black comedy which takes place in another time. Being gay is now now only the normal, but the law. Richard Simmons, the exercise instructor, is the President of the United States, and local men in the town of Scarsdale, New York, are being attacked by the "Rhyming Rapist". The main character, Gene Turso, is struggling to keep his family together in the midst of all this madness. But is it only because he's trying to avoid having to "make the change"? © Mitch Poulos 1996

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